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Monday, 31 October 2011

Eternal Friendships

Friend - that one person who is always there for you rendering unconditional support, never ending fun, advise, laughter and love. But is it everlasting? Not all friendships are. Some are seasonal - just as the seasons come and go, so do these friends vary. They are like stars in the sky, innumerable and easy to find. While some have the vibrant colors of a rainbow, the sunny warm shine and smiles of sunflower, others blossom our hearts and sometimes, we even find solace in the stark, bleak, wintry person who inspite of the chill, calms down your passionate nature and makes you see sense.

Unbelieveable as their company is, exciting though the conversation is and heart breaking the split from these friends is, be it due to geography or any other flimsy reason, the drifting apart becomes permanent.

But some friends are always there for you no matter what. You may fail to notice anything special or exciting in this friendship but they are there, like the aerial roots supporting a banyan tree.  They are far and few, but finding one is a rare treasure indeed. To them the distance doesn't exist, you may be as different as a cactus from a rose or a calm spring from a roaring ocean in a stormy night.  But in their sturdy nature and strong hearts, you begin to see light and gain peace and contentment. 


  1. Very true! I am following you now so please drop in on me at Bright Star!

  2. A beautiful post! True friends are are there with you always...

  3. I think you are right about some friendships being only for short term Ruth, whatever the reason. I have experienced that several times. A true friend is a loyal friend, and a person like that can be hard to come by - Dave

  4. Wonderful post and so very true!! I thought of many friends, past and present, as I read this.

  5. Thanks for visitng my blog and your comments Coreen, Dave, Rahul and Angela!


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