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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lost Music Player

The other day I was leaving my work place in a hurry and left my music player behind in my seat. The next day it was gone. The security at my office is pretty tight and only the people who work for my project who have the special access can enter and the house keeping people are frisked. I doubt housekeeping staff would have stolen it putting their jobs at risk. It is most likely a fellow employee. The security cameras do not monitor all the cubicles due to the already imposed entry access :((

Now I can forgive a person who steals a mobile, perfectly understandable given the cost and the glamour of the damn things. Besides, losing a mobile is really a bit comforting, no pestering phone calls from work and family wanting to know what you are upto at all times. It gives one the perfect excuse to enjoy a fully entitled peace for a few months until you get around to replacing them. And no one is angry for not returning or answering calls. Only a person who has experienced this would know the peace and joy of life without a mobile phone.

But a music player on the other hand is extremely important and essence of peace especially when you live in an over populated country with deranged drivers who think just by honking the horn as loud as possible you can get the stagnant morning hour traffic moving. I never knew the noise level of the city's traffic or the horrid music preference of the city's bus drivers and the loud chatter/ phone conversations of my fellow passengers until this misfortune. And I tell you stealing someone's music player is an absolute crime. Although I have no hopes of ever seeing my beloved Sony player and Ipod earphones (which are no match for sony earfones btw) but I curse the fellow who stole my player. I think vodoo magic would do nicely. Never tried before but going to try it one of these days on the thieving bastard. I know it is too much rant and I really appreciate anyone who read until the end. Hope you like these pictures.


  1. Kann Deine Wut gut verstehen, es ist schrecklich und soll den Dieb nicht glücklich machen...

    Lieben Gruß

  2. I hope you get your music player back ... else buy a new one :-)

  3. Ruby, I hope your music player has not been stolen, but taken and let to a responsible people or to the administrative place at the townhall, for example, where you ordinary give things you have found and you don't know who is the owner of. Maybe you have to ask around you if somebody have found it, ask also the townhall, and fortunately you will recover your music player. I do hope that it will be the case.

  4. I can understand your anger and frustration. But life goes on so just cool down. Buy another player and get on with your daily routine.
    Yes do try vodoo and hope the "bastard" suffers:)

  5. Vodoo Magic,,hehe..Well please write the outcome of that experiment back here.and yeah most important thing It was good that you lost your ipod otherwise how would have we read this much cute post...loved it..

  6. I am sorry about the music player. I hope it comes back to you.

  7. It's not just the loss of the player but we feel violated that something of ours has been taken. I hope your rant makes you feel better about it.

  8. A good rant.....It may turn up...I hope it does.

  9. Sorry about your music player Ruby. Nice pictures - Dave

  10. those flowers are incredibly beautiful,
    hope you are blessed with another music player,
    because music is essential.

  11. Hi Ruby,

    what to to read that you've lost your music. There are some people who steal from another, and that's probably happened to you.

    Kind regards, Helma

  12. L'espérance fait vivre, Ruby.
    Belle soirée.


  13. I totally understand your rant Ruby... I hope you get it back soon.

  14. I know this is somewhat perverse, but I find it refreshing when you rant. You're such a nice person all other times!

  15. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you dear Ruby. I really hope you find it - it must be so annoying.

    Lovely pictures. Where were they taken ?

  16. Ash, the first picture was in Tulip Gardens and the second, Venice.

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments. Unfortunately, my player is lost forever :((

  17. Hi Ruby,Sorry about the loss of your player. Still sometimes something good comes from a misfortune like this so lets hope something wonderful happens soon.X

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  19. That's cruel of them. I hope you manage to replace it. I have insurance which would cover large items being stolen but there is an 'excess' so you have to pay the first so many pounds. That means there is no point claiming for items below that amount. My son's music player was stolen but since it was almost certainly by a friend we decided not to report it to the police which meant we couldn't have claimed on the insurance any way!
    Voodoo is too kind!!


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