"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."
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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Bleak Thoughts

The dark hours are endless                                            
the dull gloomy days drone on
in spite of the tropical weather of the city
the entire year has the coldness of winter
although the unforgiving cold northerly winds
are far removed from my geography
i constantly feel them in my heart
i bend unconsciously against the terrible cold 
as if im walking on a hard terrain
the merciless winds cutting across me
biting my skin creeping into my clothes
making my very frame shiver.
I feel a chill even at midday 
when the harsh sun beats down 
on the bare heads of commuters
i dont open my umbrella
i decide to walk on in the burning sun
hoping it would numb my pain.
I welcome the pain
believing i would reach that point
when more pain means nothing
so heavy is the burden in my mind
the lead stone in place of my heart
that i cant help but cry 
out loud for some mercy from somewhere
that would put out my misery
and deliver me from Earth.


  1. Nice poem.Seems you have experienced it :)

  2. A sad poem I feel Ruby? I felt the same this year. Winter doesn't seem to want to let go for summer - Dave

  3. Yes, Dave. Let us hope better days are ahead and the sun is merely hidden.

  4. Sensational Ruby, even on the 3rd read! I take my hats off to you!

    and I do wish all the warmth of happiness to you!!

  5. Thanks for ur lovely comment J.

  6. I followd the link to this astonishing gem. The words and the picture convey a despair and bleakness of considerable depth that I would guess could only be born through experience. I hope that experience is long gone.

  7. Thanks GB. You are very kind. It is gone :))

  8. Ethukku ivlo feeling :)
    Poem is damn good but cudnt believe if its really urs?

  9. There are days when I want someone to come and tell me everything is gonna be alright, time is gonna take a turn and you'll find yourself standing close to her side... but alas that never happens.
    I can feel every word you wrote here.

  10. Poorni - yes I wrote it :)

    Beyond - the minor hurts, selfish regrets are healed by time but the loss of a truly loved one always gives you pain no matter how much time elapses.. xoxo Ruby


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