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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Orphanages - Service to mankind or Booming business?

The best opportunity life can provide you is to serve your fellowmen.

Childhood is that stage of life when one is helpless and if not entirely, atleast partially dependent on another for living. Being orphaned at birth or the formative stage of life when one is extremely vulnerable is the worst imaginable plight. Orphanges are considered a sacred place and those who run are well respected and revered for dedicating their lives to helping kids.

Wanting to sponsor a child, last week I went to a renowned orphanage at the outskirts of the city that has been functioning for over 40 years. After the sponsorship, we were given a tour of the place. The home for the elderly admits only paid members and pensioners. And 200 kids lived in the ashram. While there were vast playgrounds and a huge dining area, it was a rude shock to see the sleeping quarters of the children. It was a small hall with doors on either walls and a very tiny 2*2*1 feet shelf on a cupboard to hold all their belongings. The worst of it is that forty students share this hall and sleep in horrible bunkers. But the home boasts an extensive collection of birds - almost of all types including a number of peacocks, parakeet and exotic birds - a personal hobby of the fellow who runs the place. 

While one can argue that a life of luxury is impossible for kids in welfare, a healthy environment, good food, education are bare essentials for growing up. And considering the donations received by the place, it is reasonable to expect  healthy accommodations.

I do not want to believe that the donations are not spent on the kids welfare. But I couldn't help being suspicious. I am planning to write to the owner once I receive the details of the kid I have sponsored.  I'm helpless on what to do in this matter and only hope and pray that everything is well.


  1. Well done for your intentions and concern. Child orphanages are pitiful places I am sure. Children deserve much more. Thank you Ruth - dave

  2. Thanks Dave. I hope that there would soon be some authority established by the government to monitor the running of orphanages, there doesn't seem to be one existing at the moment.

  3. That is a too small place for kids for their belongings.


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