"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."
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Sunday, 27 November 2011


From the advent of time
Change has been our way of life.
While some species are extinct
Some others endure and thrive on...
Children become adults
Birds leaving their nests.
Distances are conquered
Worlds are discovered
Language and Laws
Culture and Conventions
Desires and Dreams
Are constantly on the mend
We turn a new leaf
Discard the old
And embrace the new.

Like the mist on a mountain
Change creeps up behind you 
And all of a sudden you realise
The past is long gone
The future has arrived.
Even as the world evolves
Somethings remain solid
Like the earth beneath our feet.
But, the mystery of life,
The quest for understanding,
The search for self
Are always relevant no matter the age.


  1. This is so true...change is constant. It is good to learn to flow with the tide.

  2. Change can be so hard...it's good to remember to embrace it!

  3. That's a nice poem Ruby, and very true. Did you write it? - Dave

  4. Thanks LadyCat and Dawn. I hope I learn to accept changes that I don't like :)))

    Thanks Dave! Yes, I wrote it.

  5. I love this poem. It so resonates with my heart.
    Thank you!

  6. Thanks Dave and Sandy.

    Thanks for visiting my blog Sapphire. I'm glad you like this.

  7. Ruby, true picture of life is where nothing is constant but change.
    Life on earth is mysterious, and we have quest for finding out the truth indeed.
    What's the main purpose of our Lord/Creator to bring us here?
    Furthermore, the search for self is most important, as it would make us believe that the humankind is merely slave to the commands of the Lord Almighty Who is only ONE; has no parents nor children. He is forgiving and Merciful.

  8. Another Good one! Keep moving & enjoy the present, Welcome the changes...

  9. Hey Lavy, glad to see ur comment :) Thanks!


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