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Monday, 15 August 2011

Unfriend a person on Facebook

When C. told me she was going to unfriend one of her best friends in Facebook, it got me thinking - Why does a person unfriend someone in facebook?

I can understand the feature being used when you accidentally accept a friend request but later realize that you don't know the person - although this seems such a lame reason. Ideally, you have to verify if you know the person, whether you have mutual friends before accepting a request.

The common reason seems to be when something goes wrong and you no longer want the person to know what you are up to. But when you go to the trouble of searching for a person in facebook, as in this case, and sending a friend request to them, have some really memorable memories as a friend, received timely help from them, why would you want to unfriend the person for a reason which is not life threatening or base treachery?

It really baffled me. This person had helped her when she none to turn to, had loaned quite a bit of money when no one bothered, yet now that things were not well, she wanted to unfriend the person. "It was one of the means of showing displeasure", she said. I found it downright insulting, a slap in the face.

Well, I do hope she comes to her senses...

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  1. Ms. C is not just mean, but cowardly if she couldn't settle the issue with her friend to face but chose to do it through a social network


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