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Sunday, 28 August 2011


Those who do not understand Tamil or watch the comedies in Tamil movies, please excuse. You might not get the joke.

Last week, one of the cleaning staff tailgated in my project cubicle at work. She was collecting coffee cups and did not have the access for our cubicle. So, I happened to give access.

The next day, she was waiting for a bus at the bus stop on my way to work. She was in her sari and not in the usual hideous uniform that the MNCs provide the cleaning staff with.

If there is one guaranteed way for a girl to turn all heads in Chennai, she could simply choose to wear lipstick or sunglasses or really high heels. I was wearing all these, so everyone at the bus stop were tuned in to our conversation.

On seeing me, she smiled and since I couldn't recall her face, I blinked uncertain if I'd met her before. She said by way of greeting, "Ennaga enna theriyalaya??? Nethiku koda parthingalae... Nama rendu perum ore office la daane work pandrom."
"Dont you recognise me? We met yesterday. We work at the same office".

I still couldnt place her. She continued  "Ore building daan.. Second floor daan.." (Same building, second floor)  I was invariably reminded of the Vadivelu comedy in Marudhamalai (when he goes to the market to collect "mamool", bribe). " Ettaya anda pichakaran pakathula poi nillunga, vyabaratha mudichitu varen.. sillarai illa rendu perum sanda podama pirichukanga..." and Vadivelu saying "Oru adhikariya epdi nadathanumnu unaku theriyadu?? Avanum nanum equala??"

I was struggling to control my laughter. At this moment, the air-conditioned public bus arrived and as I was about to get in she said "Inda bus la enga poringa??? idu vela romba jaasti... saadha bus leye polame.." (The fare is very high, its better to travel by the non a.c bus with much lower fares)

I also remembered the Koundamani comedy (he is a rickshaw guy) where he is fooled by the beggar women who poses as a bank clerk. :)))) I was sure everyone else who were tuned in thought I was an impostor ;))

I couldn't help it... I laughed all the way to my work.


  1. LOLzzzzz....
    Semma Comedy ponga... :)

    Gender Equality and Work-Place Ethics rendaiyume karachi kudichavangala iruppaanga pola...

  2. avanga AC bus la era sollum pothu nee aen aeraama costly irukkum nu avanga kitta sonna... LOL:)

  3. naan sollala... naan era pogum podu avanga enkita "idhu costly eradhinga" nu sonnanga...

  4. Wish I could understand Indonesian Ruby. I tried using Google to translate but no luck - Dave

  5. Dave, I shall try to explain :)) The movie comedy is a policeman goes to the market to ask for bribe and a beggar goes to the same shop begging for money. The vendor asks the police man to wait along with the beggar until he tends to his customers, thereby insulting him. (In the native language, its very funny)

    The thing is the way the lady spoke to me, anyone listening in would have most likely assumed I was just putting on airs dressing up but in reality, I was also one of the cleaning staff who goes to office and changes into her uniform to do her work. (Nothing wrong or offensive, its just fun)


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