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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Puppet Prime Minister Of India

The "post" of President is considered "dummy" in India, as in the president does not have much influence over the running of our country and the real power is vested with the Prime Minister and the cabinet ministers. However, it is a common knowledge that our Prime Minister (Indian PM) has been a puppet ever since he took office in 2004.

Puppet Ministers are common place in Indian politics and there have been some curious cases of stand-in puppet Chief Ministers in our nation's history. This situation however is not the same as the stand-in O.Paneerselvam when Jayalalitha could not hold the post of Chief Minister of TamilNadu due to the corruption cases.  Nor is this same as Rabri Devi, stand in Chief Minister of Bihar, who took on the role as her husband, the ex-CM had to face corruption charges. These people are not in the same league as our PM, who is educated, intelligent and capable of fulfilling the role he is chosen for. Atleast with the others, we all knew what to expect.

What bewilders me most is his repeated claims of innocence, as with the 2G scams or his ever-changing stance in the Lokpal Bill.  Is he just a mute spectator or is he actually party to all the white collar crimes that go on in the name of a democratic government? If he is innocent, why has he still not resigned and exposed these unscrupulous activities. I believe he was chosen because of his clean track record and his expert play-acting - a perfect combination to hoodwink the people.

I felt proud the day I knew Dr.Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister, having read about his humble beginnings, academic excellence and esteemable career. You see, most of the politicians in India are uneducated, have a history of crime and violence and are not fluent even in their native language. But I was ashamed when he chose not the role of a PM but the role of a "puppet" in the hands of a power-hungry, totally corrupt government of the Sonia's Congress Party. It is high time he resigned or admitted that he is as corrupt as the rest of the lot.


  1. Ruby, this is a dangerous blog I think, criticising your country's leaders. Do take care! - Dave

  2. Dear Ruby, what a brave and insightful writing. Politics and he discussions about our leaders will always be a subject of controversy.
    We just had an election here and the wrong block won, as far as I am concern.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment, sorry it took me a while to return the visit.;)

  3. Thanks Zuzana.. I enjoy visting your colourful blog, especially the pictures you post.


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