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Wednesday 24 August 2011

Irksome incident

This is an irksome and hilarious event that happened today. If you have sensitive ears, please quit reading :)))

I had to return a laptop with the bag to the IT department in my office which supplied it for an onsite assignment. The laptop bag had a slight tear where the stitching had come off  the lining in one of the smaller compartments.

The fellow refused to take the bag and said it was not the bag he had given.  When I asked the moron if I had to pay a fine or repair it, he asked me to take it with me or leave it anywhere or escalate it. He also said the fucking laptop bag costs $120 - ha! when u buy it on a wholesale??? Bullshit! And this happens in a top ten Fortune 500 company!!!

To check if the laptop was working fine, he checked for scratches, the light and the catch to open it!! And its a f***** computer manufacturing company!!

This was the response email for the call (apparently you log a call for every single goddamn thing, get it approved by two managers and face a SOB while returning/receiving, even the Vogons would have had less paperwork) -
Serial Number xxxxxxxx  returned to xxx Stores, SINCE THE xx business Nylon Backpack xxxx 5/17/2011 Loc:xxx  xx Flr/xxx  RETUREND TO STORES IS DAMAGED AND WILL NOT ACCEPT THE SAME. HENCE THIS CALL IS CLOSED.

I had to speak to the manager, show her the bag and tote it every place, send a couple emails before the wa**** took it.


(Appending post)This happened after I published this post initially.

The guy's manager rung him and he said it was totally damaged and she ordered him to discard the bag in the repair section :) I'd be delighted the day I resign this miserable f***** job.


  1. Welcome to the real world Neo.. !!!

    fortune 500 or Fortune 100 - any company that has Indians in top ranks in India, is bound to treat its employees like shit. :)

  2. Totally agree!! top ranks and lowest ranks too... :))) The guy's next level HR was okay though; she started laughing on hearing this..

  3. If I am allowed to rub it in, "Thank God, I am free of all these sodding 'process'es"

  4. You could go worldwide with this. I've promoted it. You are a wee brown superstar.
    Love and all the best for the New Year.

  5. No wonder Adrian recommended coming over to visit you! Even in the dark days when I started work in the '60s and had to return a pencil stub to get a replacement pencil there was not as much paperwork.

  6. Thanks Adrian!

    GB, you are so right!! Unfortunately, it is just getting worse everyday. Thanks for visiting!


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